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We need help finding


Date Lost: 5/13/2022 4:51:31 PM
Breed: Moggy
Color/Coloring: Black, White, & Brown
Size/Weight: 10 in, 9 lbs
Description: Julius's eyes are hazel, and he has a bright pink nose. He has a very distinct nasally meow. He wears a blue collar. He likes to sleep a lot during the day and is usually more active during the night. Julius will usually eat kibble, though he likes catching flies and random bugs.
Other Comments: He is quite the fluffy cat, and his fur is soft to the touch. It is not curly, however; it is straight. He acts very timidly around strangers and often hides from them. In fact, hiding is one of his favorite things to do, thus explaining how difficult it is to find him right now.

Contact Information

Name: Zeeshan Ahmad
Phone: 817-727-8337   (Call or Text)
Email: zeeshanahmad@outlook.com

This listing will automatically expire: 11/9/2022 5:12:09 PM